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Uncle E's Pizza Company is dedicated to making delicious, high quality Pizza. We are Christian owned and Volunteer operated with a commitment to fun, family, and faith.


Every Pizza we make is prayed over that whoever should eat them would be blessed, healed, and come closer to God.


A portion of our proceeds goes back to other Christ centered non-profit organizations, charities, and the people in our own local communities to help others in general and to further Gods kingdom purpose.  

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The real story behind Uncle E's


Uncle E's Vision:

Great Food 

Christian, Family oriented

Focus on Children and Family fun

Local Community Give Back

Christ Centered (Positive Christian Inspirational Message)

The real story behind Uncle E's 

I was born a pizza maker I guess. I had over 15 years in the food service industry in my youth mostly served as a General Manager of various pizza restaurants. I had no real desire to start a business until recent years. Our family attends Living Water Church and the founder of the Church, Pastor Jon Gerdts had been preaching one day about how each one of us has a gift and how as followers of Jesus we should use our gifts to help others and to help further Gods Kingdom. I remember joking with my wife at the time thinking I had no talent. Lori had said you make awesome Pizza. (she calls me the pizza whisperer nowadays) I laughed at that thinking just what God needs... another Pizza maker. Well after that I began having what I now refer to as the pizza dreams. I'm happy in them. I'm serving people food and there is a feeling of people working together and happiness in the air. In my waking hours I started to wonder if one couldn't "make Pizzas for God" Like a guy named Moses I didn't  want the job. I had never thought of starting my own business. I had been doing well enough at my place of employment to sustain our family. I didn't  want or need to take on the extra work, and we had $0.00 in the bank. Then small mini miracles started to happen on their own. I called to order a pizza for myself one day and one of my previous employers (now years ago) recognized my voice and when he answered the phone he said "thinking of getting into the pizza business again" I was flattened. He of course had hoped I might want to come work for him again but with recent dreams and messages in church I thought otherwise. I prayed about it one day and in my head told God that if he wants me he has me. I felt compelled after that prayer to go on Craig's list and I found a $5000 commercial pizza oven for I want to say $800. Then God delivered me piece by piece everything we needed to move forward. I was scared but stepped out onto the water. I took out a loan against my 401k and bought a 20ft trailer and turned it into a mobile pizza kitchen. 

Whats with the name?


My sister Connie and her husband Neil have 2 wonderful boys, Jonathan and Benjamin (pictured above) so I am an Uncle. My last name is Erdman so Uncle E makes sense right? but the name didn't occur to me until my Aunt Gayle (pictured as well) reminded me that my own uncle Lee used to be the head chef at an Italian restaurant in the 50's. Auntie loves me so she gave me Uncle Lee's original recipe for thin crust pizza, his special Italian sausage recipe, and his sauce recipe to boot. It is my Uncle Lee's recipes that have been altered and developed into the delicious Uncle E's pizza we sell today. 

Aunt Gayle



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